Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin Ring with Scalloped edge - 90% Silver

I made this beautiful ring out of a Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar.  I created a Scalloped edge, giving this ring a unique look.   Details from the coin can still be seen on the outside of the band as well as the inside of the band.

The ring weighs about .28 ounces.  Because of the scalloped edge, the band width varies as follows:
At its narrowest: about 7mm or 9/32inch
At its widest:  about 8mm or 10/32inch
Each ring may have a slight variation in width and weight.  

These are made out of circulated coins.
Walking Liberty half dollars were minted 1916 - 1947.
If you want one created out of a specific year, please send us a message before placing an order.  Otherwise, you will get a year at random.

    US Ring Size

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