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Set of 12 Zodiac hand-engraved silver (.900) Shank Buttons

Set of 12 Zodiac hand-engraved silver (.900) Shank Buttons

Sold as a set of 12.  Shank buttons made from the center of 90% (.900) Silver Dimes that I hand-engraved featuring the zodiac signs.  Sold as a set of all the signs.


I used Silver "Roosevelt" Dimes (various years from 1946-1964).  

I punch the middle out of a dime, dome the piece, and create a patina to make the images pop. I make the shank out of a brass loop and solder that on, making for a strong, sturdy hold.  I polish with Renaissance Wax.  Renaissance wax protects from dust, fingerprints, liquids, and other environmental hazards.  It creates a micro-thin, lustrous layer that enhances shine while preventing damage to the metal.

The buttons measures about 7mm in diameter.  They weight about .03 ounces each.
Measure your button hole and if it is 7mm or even a little bit larger this button should do the trick!

Can be used in your sewing, knitting, jewelry or craft projects.  Can also be used as a decorative pin/button instead, just sew it onto your jacket, purse, bag, hat, etc.  

Finally, buttons that make cents!


Please indicate this during checkout. Our packaging is always fun, unique and makes a great gift to receive in the mail! If you choose, we will also include a hand-stamped Lucky Buttons original card with your personal message handwritten inside. We also include an info sheet about the piece including interesting facts and care instructions.

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