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Reusable Ring Sizer - Figure out your ring size at home!

Reusable Ring Sizer - Figure out your ring size at home!

Need help figuring out what size ring you need to order?  Here is a simple tool you can buy and use over and over again!  Easy to use!  $2.70 with free shipping. 

This measures full sizes and half sizes for rings from size 1 to 19.  

We also offer these FREE of charge when you place an order for a ring.  Just send us a message after you've placed your order and we'll mail you a free sizer ASAP.  

We also offer these for FREE when you buy a ring as a gift.  Just write a note with your order that you'd like one included and we'll include it in the package.  You are welcome to contact us with any questions! 

Tips on finding the right size.
Our fingers can fluctuate, sometimes up to a full size, during the day and even from day to day depending on weather, diet, water intake, level of activity, etc.  It is recommended to use the sizer at different times of the day and on different days, typically for an hour at a time. If you can find a size that feels comfortable and is fairly consistent, then you have found the best size.  You may even decide to cut off the excess of the sizer and wear it for a full day. This will provide the most accurate size. Carefully read the instructions on the package to make sure the sizer is being read correctly.  Or just take a photo of the ring sizer on your finger and send the photo to us to avoid any possible misreads.

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