Virginia Quarter Pendant ($20-80)

Virginia Quarter Pendant ($20-80)

Virginia state quarter pendant. 

We add a patina on the coin to create contrast so the image pops out. 

For the nickel-plated copper coins, we apply at least 2 coats of a jewelry-grade clear coating.

Pendant comes on a stainless-steel, double jump ring and on a stainless-steel ballchain.


Metal Composition:

Nickel-Plated Copper (clear-coated)

or 90% Silver.



or Domed (domed available in Nickel-Plated Copper only) 


Can also be turned into a keychain (same as a pendant but with a larger jump ring to attach to your keys) or golf ball marker (same as domed pendant but no hole drilled for the jump ring, piece is solid). 


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Coin composition: 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel (clad)


Minted in 2000, the Virginia quarter honors Jamestown, Virginia, the USA's first permanent English settlement. The quarter design features the three ships, Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery.