New Zealand Coin Pendant Handcut - Tui Bird in a Kowhai tree surrounded by flowe

New Zealand Coin Pendant Handcut - Tui Bird in a Kowhai tree surrounded by flowe

Hand-cut using a bow drill and a jeweler's saw, I cut away the negative space to make the image pop!  (See photos of the tools I use)

Item in photo is exact item for sale. 

I made this out of a 50 Pence coin from Gibraltar.  Features a Tui Bird and Kowhai flowers (also known as weeping kōwhai or small-leaved kōwhai).  Tui are considered to be very intelligent, much like parrots. They also resemble parrots in their ability to clearly imitate human speech, and are known for their noisy, unusual call, different for each individual, that combine bellbird-like notes with clicks, cackles, timber-like creaks and groans, and wheezing sounds. The unusual possession of two voiceboxes enable Tui to perform such a myriad of vocalisations.  

The metal composition of that coin is bronze.  I hand-forge the bail out of a silver (.900) US dime (from 1964 and before) and silver-solder that onto the piece making a durable hold. 

This coin was minted 1940-1947.  

Comes with a free stainless steel ball chain (size #3).  

Please indicate this during checkout.  Our packaging is always fun, unique and makes a great gift to receive in the mail!  If you choose, we will also include a hand-stamped Lucky Buttons original card with your personal message handwritten inside.  We also include an info sheet about the piece including interesting facts and care instructions.

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