Memento Mori Skulls Coin Ring - .999 Copper

Memento Mori Skulls Coin Ring - .999 Copper

Memento Mori Ring made from a .999 Fine Copper Bullion Round (these coins are no longer being made).  Featuring hourglasses, skulls, and skulls & crossbones, these were commemorative coins (never in circulation).  These copper rings are unsealed.  We've applied a patina to these rings for contrast, but a shinier polish can be applied, if preferred.

Memento mori is an artistic or symbolic reminder of our mortality and the inevitability of death.  This notion was intended to simultaneously serve as memento vivere — reminders to live, and to live as well as you can.

Although these rings have some heft to them and are a bit bulky, I can size them all the way down to a SIZE 7.  Once the ring is sized to fit, it doesn't feel bulky as you would expect, although it is still on the heavy side.  

Band Width is about 10mm


The size of the coin used started off the size of a Silver US Dollar coin (38.1mm in diameter).   See photos of this coin with a regular US Quarter for size reference.

As will all our products, we've tested these out extensively.  Lucy (my wife, artist/business partner) has a size 8 on her index finger and she was surprised at how comfortable the ring ended up feeling.  I have also used these rings at about a size 10 and have found them quite comfortable.  


Free custom sizing when you place your order (see available sizes).

Comes in a small ring box in a hand-stamped bag.  We also print out an info and care sheet about this particular piece.

This ring contains copper and is unsealed.  


If you need help figuring your ring size, choose the option "Ring Sizer - FREE" during check out.  We will mail you a ring sizer first, at no charge.  When you let us know the size needed we'll get to work on your ring right away!
You can also order a ring sizer ahead of time ($3.00) through this listing:
When you purchase this way, we include a coupon code for $2 your next ring purchase with us.


Getting it as a surprise gift and not sure about ring size needed?  Choose "GIFT" under the size options and we'll include a FREE reusable ring sizer with your order, with detailed instructions.  We can resize anytime after purchase!   See link below for resizing information.  Our packaging is always fun and unique and makes a great gift!  If you choose to include a personal message, we'll handwrite it in one of our original hand-stamped cards at no extra charge.


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Healing Properties of Copper:
There is a lot of research you can find online regarding the benefits of wearing copper jewelry.  We've spoken with jewelers who work solely with copper and people who wear copper jewelry who swear by this.  Admittedly, we were a bit skeptical at first so we both decided to test it out first hand with these .999 Fine copper rings.  We found that they actually did helped us find relief from our arthritis.  We work a lot with our hands and whenever we start feeling aches and pains now, we wear these rings and find almost instant relief in doing so!