Maryland Transit Token ring with silver dime band - Vintage token MD - coin jewe

Maryland Transit Token ring with silver dime band - Vintage token MD - coin jewe

I made this ring out of two coins: For added comfort I curve the main coin, a vintage Maryland transit token that features a weave "M.T.A.

I made the band out of a silver (.900) US dime from before 1964. You have the option of preserving the writing on the US dime or we can do a hammered finish where no writing remains.

The height of the main token is 16.5mm (smaller than a US dime).  The width of the dime band is about 3mm (about 1/8")


Item in photo is the exact item for sale.


If you need help figuring your ring size, choose the option during check out to receive a free ring sizer ahead of time.  We will mail you a ring sizer first and then once you have a size, let us know, we'll resize the ring and mail to you right away.  You can also order a ring sizer ahead of time ($2.70 with free shipping).    If you decide to buy a ring from us after that, we will send you a coupon code to take $2 off your order.

Getting it as a surprise gift and not sure about ring size needed?  Choose the option to receive a free ring sizer with your order during check out.  We'll include a FREE reusable ring sizer with your order.  We will resize for free (other than cost of shipping) anytime after purchase!   Our packaging is always fun and unique and makes a great gift!  We include and info and care sheet for all our orders.  And if you choose to include a personal message, we'll handwrite it in one of our original hand-stamped cards at no extra charge.


Most of the skin contact is with the silver dime band.  The token contains copper and is unsealed.