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Handcut Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Handcut Walking Liberty Half Dollar

90% Silver (.900) Walking Liberty Half Dollar Pendant.  
Hand-cut using a bow drill and a jeweler's saw, I cut away the negative space to make the image pop.  Diameter of the coin is 30.63mm.
The photos of this particular hand-cut version highlights Walking Liberty, the sunrise, "Liberty" and "In God We Trust".  I create a patina on the coin to create contrast, making the images stand out.  However you can shine this piece to shinier finish using polising cream or a polishing cloth.


I hand-forge the bail out of a silver (.900) vintage dime and solder that onto the piece.
Comes with a free stainless steel ballchain (size #3).  

If you are interested in a different year that you do not see listed, contact us with your request.  We can often track down specific years.


If you'd like us to send directly to the person receiving this as a gift and would like to include a note, please write it in the notes or send us a message.  Our packaging is always fun and unique and makes a great gift!

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