Cufflinks - Hare - Irish coins - soldered

Cufflinks - Hare - Irish coins - soldered

These cufflinks were made from Irish 3 Pence/3 Pingin coins.  Featuring a seated hare.  Celtic peoples looked on the hare as a creature with supernatural powers. This lonely creature was admired for strength, speed and was noted for being active at night and associated with the moon. They were seen as mysterious and magical.  
Lettering: "leat reul 3d" = Translation: Half reul 

I create a slight dome in the coins, create a patina to make the image pop, and then silver solder the cuff links onto the coin.  This creates a lasting hold (better than glue or epoxy).   I then apply Renaissance Wax Polish.  This helps to seal in the patina and protect the surface of the metal.  You can always polish this more to create a shinier finish if you prefer. 

These coins were in circulation 1942-1968.  The metal composition of the coins is copper-nickel.  The cufflinks are stainless steel. 

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