Panama - Coin Ring Silver .900 - Vintage 1930 Central America - Size 7 through 1

Panama - Coin Ring Silver .900 - Vintage 1930 Central America - Size 7 through 1

Silver (.900) Ring made from a vintage 1930 Half Balboa coin from Panama. This was the first year these coins were made (minted 1930-1962).
Featuring the Panamanian coat of arms with 9 stars representing the 9 provinces at that time (there are now 10), the silver content on sides, with a wreath with the year.  Also prominent on this piece is the Harpy Eagle, the national bird of Panama.  Harpy eagle's wingspan can reach up to 6.5 feet, they are adept birds of prey reaching speeds of 50mph. 

This band is a solid piece, there is no soldering done.  We create a patina on it so that the image pops, but this ring can be polished to super shiny if you prefer. 

The ring weighs .38 ounces.  The band width is 10mm (about 3/8 inch).  The thickness of the band is about 2mm.


If you need help figuring your ring size, choose the option to receive a ring sizer ahead of time during checkout.  We will mail you a ring sizer first and then once you have a size, let us know, we'll resize the ring and mail to you right away.  You can also order a ring sizer ahead of time ($2.70 with free shipping).    See listing.  If you decide to buy a ring from us after that, we will send you a coupon code to take $2 off your order. 


Getting it as a surprise gift and not sure about ring size needed?  Choose the option for us to include a ring sizer with the ring.  We'll include a FREE reusable ring sizer with your order.  We will resize for free (other than cost of shipping) anytime after purchase!   Our packaging is always fun and unique and makes a great gift!  If you choose to include a personal message, we'll handwrite it in one of our original hand-stamped cards at no extra charge.

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