Silver Mercury dime ring with silver dime band - soldered

Silver Mercury dime ring with silver dime band - soldered

I made this ring out of two coins: the main coin is a vintage, silver (.900) Mercury dime.   I made the band out of a silver (.900) US dime from before 1964. 

The height of the main coin is about 18mm ( inch). The silver dime band width is about 3mm (about 1/8").  I silver solder the band onto the main coin.

These coins were minted from 1916-1945.   The year on your ring will be at random.  Contact us with any special requests.

Mercury Dimes were named after Mercury, the Greek messenger of the gods.  Originally called "winged Liberty" dimes, the idea of the wings on the head was "flight of thought".  Our take on that is to learn all you can in this world and fly with it!


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