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Cufflinks - Silver Antique Barber Dimes - soldered

Cufflinks - Silver Antique Barber Dimes - soldered

These cufflinks were made from antique, Silver (.900) Barber dimes (various years).  Heads/tails or heads/heads set available.

I create a slight dome in the coins, create a patina to make the image pop, and then silver solder the cuff links onto the coin.  This creates a lasting hold (better than glue or epoxy).   I then apply Renaissance Wax Polish.  This helps to seal in the patina and protect the surface of the metal.  You can always polish this more to create a shinier finish if you prefer. 

These coins were in circulation 1892-1916.  The metal composition of the coins is silver (.900).  The cufflinks are stainless steel. 

Please indicate this during checkout.  Our packaging is always fun, unique and makes a great gift to receive in the mail!  If you choose, we will also include a hand-stamped Lucky Buttons original card with your personal message handwritten inside.  We also include an info sheet about the piece including interesting facts and care instructions.

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