CD - Worlds Greatest Bug Zapper by Another RoadSide Attraction

Before Lucky Buttons, our lives were spent making and performing music as the band, Another RoadSide Attraction (from Roanoke, VA).

This album, "The World's Largest Bug Zapper" is from 2015, and has 13 tracks.

Each sleeve is indivually handstamped (front and back).  Liner notes are high quality and includes photos.

The CDs are replicated, not duplicated.

This album was recorded as a 3 piece band. 

The track listing is:

1. Never Trouble Trouble

2. Fancy Pants

3. Winter's Dogs

4. Nobody's Oyster

5. Claustrophobia

6. In the Mist

7. Walk with Me

8. Cranky Model T

9. Book of Queens

10. Bug Eyed Boy

11. Swimmin'

12. If a Tree Fell

13. If My Baby was Made of Streudel



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