Arizona Quarter Pendant ($20-$70)

Arizona Quarter Pendant ($20-$70)

Arizona state quarter pendant.

We add a patina on the coin to create contrast so the image pops out.
For the nickel-plated copper coins, we apply at least 2 coats of a jewelry-grade clear coating.
Pendant comes on a stainless-steel, double jump-ring and on a stainless-steel ballchain.

Metal Composition - options:
Nickel-Plated Copper (clear-coated)
or 90% Silver.

Style options:
or Domed (domed available in Nickel-Plated Copper only)

Can also be turned into a keychain (same as a pendant but with a larger jump ring to attach to your keys) or placeholder/memento (same as domed pendant but no hole drilled for the jump ring; piece is solid).


About the Arizona state quarter:

The Arizona State Quarter depicts the state's most well known feature, the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is shown in the background with many small desert plants in the foreground There is a large Saguaro cactus as well.

In the distance, the sun is setting behind the canyon. Across the middle of the design there is a ribbon that reads "Grand Canyon State."