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About Us

About the artist:

My raw materials are items like coins, silverware, keys, etc.  Items that are often stored in boxes and drawers, that are overlooked or no longer used; forgotten.  I like to transform these everyday items into tiny works of art/jewelry.  By pouring my focus and attention in creating a piece, people start to look closer and appreciate the tiniest details.  This change of perspective is at the heart of what I do.  That and the hand-working techniques that I enjoy learning along the way, always pushing myself to grow as a metalsmith and artist.  I started off doing this in 2014 using basic metal smithing techniques like hand-forging.  Then I taught myself stamping and acid-etching, soldering, bow drill and piercing saw work, & stone setting.  I enjoy doing most processes by hand, using nothing that plugs into a wall. That changed when my interest turned to hand-engraving.  I studied the art and history of it for about a year before I began making my own engraving machine by repurposing items.  I then spent a year doing mostly engraving work to develop my skill.  I love talking to folks about my processes and even doing quick live demos of some of my tools.  The joy I feel in what I do is apparent in how I interact with my customers.  I strive to create a welcoming and fun experience when people visit my booth and hope that they leave full of wonder and inspiration.


Thank you all for an awesome year!  We h

Husband/Wife team, Lucky & Lucy are the dynamic force behind Lucky Buttons Jewelry.


Thank you for supporting small business and buying handmade!

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Lucky & Lucy were born in Roanoke, Virginia.  They met in 2008 and have teamed together in their endeavors ever since.  From playing in a pool league together to being professional musicians for 8 years traveling the US and into Mexico,  Their goals have always included spreading inspiration and joy to all they meet. 

Currently they are needing to slow things down at Lucky Buttons due to the demands of their other jobs and send their apologies for any inconvenience.  This may change in the future so be sure to follow Lucky Buttons Jewelry on facebook and Instagram

for the latest schedule updates. 

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