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About the artists:


Lucky Buttons Jewelry is a husband/wife team. 

Lucky began making coin rings in 2014.  The first process took about 10 hours per ring.  Since then he has learned and developed many

different techniques.  Once he learns something, he applies it to everything else and begins exploring and creating new styles and pieces.  Lucky makes everything with hand tools.; none of the pieces are touched by anything that plugs into a wall. 

All items are designed and handcrafted by Lucky with the assistance of Lucy.  Both Lucky and Lucy search out the coins and work together to figure out what will become of them.  Lucy hand paints all the banners and signs you see at the shop.  She also organizes their art festival gigs, has developed this website, manages custom orders and the business as a whole..  Lucy is probably the one you will be in contact with when you email us.  Together they create a dynamic team that is "Lucky Buttons Jewelry!"


Thank you all for an awesome year!  We h

Both were born in Roanoke, Virginia.  They met in 2008 and have teamed together in their endeavors ever since.  From playing in a pool league together to being professional musicians for 8 years traveling the US and into Mexico,  Their goals have always included spreading inspiration and joy to all they meet. 

Come meet them in person at the Roanoke Historic City Market, downtown Roanoke, Virginia!  Their season starts mid March until Dec. 30th.

Regular hours are:

Fridays and Sundays 9:00am-4pm

Sundays 9:00am-3:30pm

DUE to the 2020 Pandemic, we are currently working from home only and available only for

online orders.  We are doing all we can to keep us and everyone safe.

They do a few art festivals throughout the year also.  

Be sure to follow Lucky Buttons Jewelry on facebook and Instagram

for the latestschedule updates. 

Husband/Wife team, Lucky & Lucy are the dynamic force behind Lucky Buttons Jewelry.


Thank you for supporting small business and buying handmade!

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Here at the Roanoke City Market today un